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Katie O. Selvidge

 —Founding Editor & Publisher of Cottage Hill

I'll never forget the late night at my 9-5 job when I fell out of my chair, unable to breathe. A heart condition that's supposed to be nothing to worry about was set off by too much stress and too much coffee. I knew there had to be a another way.

Except, it happened again. Another late night, too much stress and coffee, only this time it was over my dining table trying to finish Cottage Hill's first issue for the printers. It scared my husband. And he agreed, there had to be better way.

That's when I chose to change. I decided my business would not be like anyone else's. I would work differently. I stopped following formulas and learned how to make my own.

What happened? Sold out magazines with international distribution, a celebrity cover, consistent growth every year (even during my current break to enjoy motherhood and build a new dream) and high demand of requests to speak across the globe. And a vision to build our dream home on some acreage outside of town went from a 10-year plan to our real life in less than 5.

I found my way.


And now, I show others how to forge their own course.

You can go your own way.


I know what it's like to nervously start a business, create real products and services, how it feels to make mistakes, how to systematically overcome them, find wild success, then choose rest as a new mother, to take sabbaticals and still hit sales goals, to pivot and grow a media company with new dreams while building a family and homestead. I get your challenges, I feel your pain points, but I also have a birds-eye view advantage of the industry as an editor...and I'm sharing it all with you through Editor's Course.

This is my integrated method for becoming a discerning business owner and disciplined creative.  


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