It’s Time to Move on To Greater Things

Don’t Take My Word for IT…Check Out the Alum Success Stories

Chelsey Ann Cobbs

—makeup artist

Before starting Editor's Course: Chelsey wanted both more margin in her life and more featured editorial work.

After Editor's Course: You can find Chelsey's work in Darling Magazine and on the covers of People Magazine and The Pioneer Woman Magazine. She is also opening her own storefront in 2019.

“Editor's Course is the heart and soul work of your company. It has taught me specific techniques in every category of business.”

Monica Johnson


Before starting Editor's Course: Monica was overwhelmed and paralyzed by all the goals and dreams in her head.

After Editor's Course: Monica restructured her goals and now has confidence in her dreams and her voice to pursue them in a thriving, not striving, mentality.

“Editor’s Course helps you better understand yourself as a business owner and track your progress. It helped me think ahead of the game instead of getting stuck.”

Hannah Ashford

—designer & artistic director

Before starting Editor's Course: Hannah wanted to leave the 9-5 to pursue her dream of opening a creative dance studio.

After Editor's Course: She left her 9-5 job, found more balance and opened Sweet Yield Studio.

“I know what kind of an investment education is, especially at the beginning of a business but I remember telling myself during month two that I would gladly pay twice the price because it is so well curated and taught.”