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Get Honest 1:1 Feedback

Editor’s Course provides an in-person Mastermind Retreat, 1:1 coaching and accountability partnership.


Follow A Simple & Proven Plan

Find confidence from 20 modules covering the 5 most important facets of business based on results, research and science.


Move on to Greater Things

Stop wasting time (and money) drowning in ‘all the things’ when you should be creating and doing the things you really want.


Are you Struggling with Getting Traction on your business or big idea?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by all the things you’re supposed to do to run your business well?

  • Is making a profit, paying yourself, paying your employees a real struggle?

  • Are your days buried with to-do’s and not getting on with the work you really want to do?

  • Have you seriously thought about giving it all up because it’s just all too much?

  • Do you wish you had more time for family, friends or just to sit and eat a real lunch?

  • Have you forgotten how to dream—why you pursued this entrepreneurial journey?